Welcome to Jönköping! Never been here before? Take a few minutes to watch the beautiful time lapse movie made by Peter Appelin. Thousands of still photos is put together to show you Jönköping City and our surroundings.

If you want to eat good food with high quality, Jönköping have plenty of restaurants to offer. We have listed those that have been recommended in White Guide, a restaurant guide with the best restaurants, bars and cafes in Sweden.

Jönköping and its surroundings might just be at its best when you experience it by bike. Here you find beautiful bike trails in the central city as well as on the countryside — not least along Vättern beach.

Jönköping is the little big city. Or the big little city, if you prefer. The advantage of a small town is the closeness and the familiar atmosphere. The advantage of a great city is the wide range - of everything!

The opportunities in Jönköping to go for a swim is always close by. When it's getting colder and the day's getting shorter it's always nice to go inside for a swim in the warm pools. There are three indoor centers for swimming, working out, spa sections with warmer pools and saunas for the late evenings.
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