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Home of some of the world’s most international companies and famous brands.The most innovative country in the EU according to the European Innovation Scoreboard.

Safe and modern

  • 3rd largest country in Western Europe
  • Population 9.3 million
  • Highly internationally minded and English-speaking population
  • Beautiful environment with many opportunities to experience nature
  • Mild summers and cold winters
  • Home of the Nobel Prize



Jönköping is one of Sweden’s most chosen trade fair and conference cities with a wide range of meeting facilities, restaurants, accommodation and visitor attractions.

  • Beautifully situated at the juncture of three sprawling lakes
  • Excellent connections between Jönköping and the major Swedish cities
  • Sandy beaches of Lake Vättern in the city center
  • Wide range of leisure- and sports facilities and great outdoor activities
  • Cultural venues – theatres, museums, cinemas and concert halls

northen lightsLocated in the center of southern Sweden, Jönköping is an important trade fair and meeting city in Scandinavia, as well as a leading transport, logistics and communications hub. Jönköping is also an administrative center with several national courts and government agencies based in the city.

Jönköping UniversityThe daily life in the city is characterized by a substantial number of students from Jönköping International University. Being the driving force in the ”Entrepreneurial belt”, Jönköping is one of Sweden’s economically most prosperous cities and regions.

Jönköping is also a paradise for tourists both from Sweden and Europe with its beautiful surroundings, excellent infrastructure, and lots of water.

lake VätternEvery year Jönköping plays host to hundreds of meetings, congresses and trade fairs, including some of the biggest in Sweden, Scandinavia and the world, such as Elmia Wood and Dreamhack, and not at least as host city for European and Global sport events, Jönköping is well prepared and ready to welcome your event!

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