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Rolling tourist information

New ways to tourist places new demands on service to the municipality visitors. With rolling tourist offices and outreach hosting, information about Jönköping wider distribution.

– We must become a more active source of inspiration to reach our visitors , says Destination New CEO Patrik Olderius and now presents this summer’s investment in rolling tourist offices.

– Previously, we met tourists when they came to us at the tourist office but today guests can find most things on the Web and other channels, and then we have to take us outside the walls to disseminate information and provide services. It is about improving our hosting by also meet the visitors out in different places where they are currently.

In summer, tourists come in Jönköping therefore to meet the tourist office all around the municipality. Two so-called Segways and bicycles has been profiled to be easily visible and loaded with maps, brochures and other documents to be distributed in Jönköping, Huskvarna, Gränna, Visingsö and other places where you see the need.

We will be where our visitors want to be in order to inspire what our destination has to offer

Also reaching the tourist hosts included in the initiative, a total of eight people with clearly marked orange shirts and equipped with iPads, constantly connected for quickly answering questions with the help of the network and for instance Destination Jönköping homepage or Google Earth.

We will be where our visitors are on to inspire what our destination has to offer, says Patrik Olderius. Of course we support the traditional tourist offices but we want to increase the visibility and service to all our visitors, where they exist.

– The Active contact also means that we get to know more about the tourists, why they chose to come here, what they want and how we can ‘product development’ and get better says Patrik Olderius. There is important information to make an already fantastic destination even better!